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DirSync now with Password Sync

Update (12/21/2013):  take a note that Password Sync feature of DirSync is not compatible with Active Directory that has been configured for FIPS: More information at - . The following provides additional information on the details of FIPS implementation: Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) Synchronization Tool (DirSync) that supports password synchronization is now available: More information - Installation, upgrade and download instructions - And here’s a good write-up on the subject - .

New Ignite Webcast - Using Message Trace in Office 365

Check out one of the latest Ignite Webcasts that covers using the new message trace functionality in Office 365 based on Exchange 2013. Learn how to use message trace functionality to troubleshoot SMTP mail flow. You can view the webcast recording here , and you can download the Webcast Presentation here .