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Exchange Online - Mo' Better Cloud Email

On the heels of SkyDrive Pro storage allowance increase  we now have Exchange Online mailbox sizes doubling : It is great to see a steady increase in value within Office 365, Microsoft's premier suite of cloud services! 

Script XenServer Backups

After upgrading to Citrix XenServer 6.1 Advanced Edition a while ago, I have been enjoying great features, such as "High-Availability" and "VM Protection Policies". I especially liked VM protection with automated snapshots and exports that took practically no time to set up and worked fairly well for a number of small to midsize environments we have partitioned our virtual infrastructure into. Well, my enjoyment proved to be short-lived, XenServer 6.2 came along delivering scalability improvements and also introducing many changes, click here for more information. I found many of those changes (like XenServer being fully open source; inclusion of software maintenance; simple, single edition packaging; socket based perpetual and annual licensing; etc.) interesting and welcomed them with open arms. All but one: This spelled the end of my automated protection days (once again, read more about it here ). Luckily, I was still able to draw on my by-now-virtually-

SkyDrive Pro - Mo' Better Cloud Storage!

Great news all around! In a nutshell: Storage increase from 7GB to 25GB (per user) Easy and inexpensive upgrade to 50GB or 100GB "Shared with Me" view for better navigation Increased file upload size - to 2GB Longer recycle bin retention - 90 days Version history enabled by default - last 10 versions For more details see -    

Office 365 Subscription Switch Wizard

Listening to customers' feedback is clearly a key to success and so is giving customers more options, flexibility, and control. It looks like Microsoft is on the right track here with the  Office 365 Subscription Switch Wizard: Read more about what's available now and what's coming later this year - here Or check out these FAQs - here