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Cogmotive Reports

Basic value proposition - significantly extends Office 365 reporting capabilities by providing a rich set of detailed reports that cover areas such as Exchange (mailboxes/recipients, distribution groups, mail flow), Lync, Mobile Devices, Licensing, and Security (future areas might include SharePoint, CRM, and other Microsoft Online Services). The solution also includes scheduling capabilities to have reports generated and distributed via email on a regular basis. The breadth and visual appeal of Cogmotive Reports goes well beyond what's offered via Office 365 at this time: Office 365: Cogmotive: Cogmotive is a Cloud-based solution that can be setup within minutes, so that you can start reaping the benefits right away. Here's a sample list: Track migration progress Measure service usage Identify and reassign unused licences Get help with meeting security and compliance goals Go beyond simple reporting by looking at trends Visit

UAG and Windows Update

It is not uncommon to run into problems when trying to use Windows Update on the UAG server. This is mostly due to the fact that UAG server runs on a harden configuration, protected by TMG. In most cases running the following command from the elevated command prompt will resolve the issue: netsh winhttp set proxy localhost:8080 It is always a good idea to check on the configuration before changing it, so you may want to try run this first and make a note of the output: netsh winhttp show proxy The following link contains some additional information - on the aforementioned, and this one has very detailed information on troubleshooting Windows Update on TMG -