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UAG 2010, SP4

Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 2010 Service Pack 4 (SP4) has been out for a while. Another much anticipated update which brings support for Windows 8.1, IE11, etc.
Download the Service Pack hereReview release notes hereRead through the installation instructions hereAfter performing the upgrade test UAG functionality from the client side, on a number of occasions the following error has been reported - "Forbidden Directory, Listing Denied Error code 403.14". If you find yourself among the unlucky few, read through the following post; which applies, even though it references a different update. Here are the steps outlined in the post with a minor modification (steps 7-8):
Open Forefront UAG management on the UAG serverOpen/Explore the Trunks under the HTTP and/or HTTPS connectionsRight click each Trunk and select DisableSave and Activate the UAG configurationRight Click the trunks again and select enableSave and Activate the Configuration againOpen the command prompt windowIssue i…