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Business Intelligence, the Microsoft style

Of course, Microsoft has been in the Business Intelligence (BI) game for some time now, but until now the solution sets lacked focus, clarity, consistency, and homogeneity. Well, in my opinion that is. But wait no longer, the company is bringing its a game to BI with clear and concise messaging and a much more focused and simplified tool set: Excel – one authoring tool for your BI. And a great “ Personal BI ” solution. SharePoint – the best solution for sharing, collaborating, and adding mobility (tablets, smartphones) to your BI. And a great “ Group BI ” solution. SQL Server – rock solid high-performance, high-availability data platform for supporting very large data sets, and providing reporting, analysis, and integration services. And a great “ Corporate BI ” solution. As far as BI solutions go, it hardly gets any simpler than that. And in full recognition that it's a big world out there (or is it a Big Data world?) there's plenty of support for non-Microsoft pl

Office 365 Resources

Few months ago I have put together a post " Office 365 Information and Resources " with helpful links to various resources that provide a good overview of Office 365. Here are a few things that should help you explore Office 365 further: Office 365 Service Descriptions - a great starting point to learn about Office 365 requirements, capabilities, and limitations. Office 365 Service Updates - a wiki with information on updates to the Office 365 services (updated regularly) Office 365 Deployment Guide for Enterprises - TechNet resources to help you plan and execute Office 365 basic or advanced deployment. Office 365 SSO Content Map - want to know more about implementing Single-Sign-On with Office 365? Visit this wiki section, read and learn. Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool - download and use this tool to verify your Office 365 readiness as part of your migration planning efforts. Internet Connection Test - another great tool for cloud services migration planni

CAL Suite Bridges for Office 365

This quick post is on a highly confusing (IMHO) subject of Microsoft licensing. Have you ever heard of  CAL Suite Bridges for Office 365?  Do you know what they are?  If you need a quick overview, I would suggest taking a look at the following article .