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Windows Intune Resources

I have blogged before about the benefits of Windows Intune , which at the moment stands in the shadows of other Microsoft cloud services - such as Office 365, CRM Online, and Azure - but clearly deserves serious attention and is currently coming into the spotlight. What gives Windows Intune this fresh momentum? - Microsoft's new-found focus on devices and services, unified architecture, integration with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and strong Mobile Device Management (MDM) support. So, I decided to put together a quick collection of resources to assist anyone trying to learn more about the service - from the very basics to more advanced topics. Quick (~10min) videos to get you up to speed on service basics: Windows Intune Spotlight #1: Getting Started with Windows Intune - Deploying Windows Intune | Windows Intune Spotlight #2: Deploying the Windows Intune Clien

5 Key Characteristics of the Cloud

Was getting some cloud news, including this little pearl by  Joe Weinman's " 5 Key Characteristics of the Cloud" : And I highly recommend watching through the entire presentation at Anyway, I just decided to do my own, quick, little, building blocks inspired picture: That's all :-)