I have already written about UAG authentication providers available out-of-the-box (here) and mentioned "WinHTTP" and "Other" options as the way to extend this default functionality. Here's a good example based on a popular configuration for exposing Sharepoint based content to external parties (extranet): UAG + SQL Authentication + Sharepoint FBAThis would basically be a 2 part process, and I found a couple of great blog posts that cover it really well:
  1. Configure UAG for SQL authentication (
    • Define custom authentication provider in UAG (for the SQL/aspnetdb) 
    • Add a custom [repository].inc 
    • Build a custom authentication function (within [repository].inc)
  2. Enable UAG SSO (
    • Extend the Sharepoint site to external Users using ASP.Net Membership
    • Publish the extranet Sharepoint site via the UAG
    • Configure the UAG to work with Sharepoint FBA
Many thanks to Andreas Hecker for putting together these thorough instructions!


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