Exoprise CloudReady Monitor for Office 365

Basic value proposition - supplements Office 365 dashboard capabilities by providing near real-time performance and point-of-access monitoring (includes alerting capabilities via email or SMS when custom defined thresholds are exceeded).

Office 365 Health Dashboard:

Exoprise Sensor Dashboard (sample):
Crowdsourcing feature is pretty interesting - Exoprise service collects (anonymously) performance data across the entire community of users (all sensors that report back to the system), trends, and lets you compare your stats against calculated crowd averages. This may highlight performance problems that are common across the entire O365 Service or something that is not O365 related at all (e.g. local ISP issue). Seems like a very useful feature.

The way performance data is collected - small (<12MB) agent in installed on a workstation (or server, or VM) at the customer's site. The agent performs synthetic transactions (like sending and receiving email, etc.) and measures response times, etc. Thus the agent will need to be configured with a valid O365 account/license (not a big deal, but potentially a small additional expense for the customer) + need to make sure the account's password is set to not expire and least privilege is configured (to avoid any inadvertent information leaks, though the agent itself is only supposed to collect performance data).

The way the service is priced is by sensor, currently the following sensors are available or planned:
  • Exchange Online
  • AD
  • ADFS
  • Azure (beta)
  • SharePoint Online (planned)
The sensor monitors one service (from the list above) at one location (agent installed). For example, if customer has 2 locations (1 main, 1 satellite) and wants to monitor Exchange Online from both, but AD and ADFS only from the main one - 4 sensors would need to be licensed.

For more information visit http://www.exoprise.com/


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